Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My Holiday Decription

Dear Willy,

 On the Holidays I went to easter camp . I went with my Nana and it was a christian camp. When we got there I saw a hot cool spa, golf course, trampoline and a game room. I felt really excited when we were on our way to to Tauraunga because I have never been to an Easter camp before. We stayed for four days and we did lots of fun activities.What I liked the most was relaxing in the hot cool spa. When we came back from camp I went to sleep over my cousin's house and we played rugby, picked some flowers for our moms for their house when I was sleeping I felt really cold because I was sleeping in their garage and on top of that over there I was on facebook non stop. when the day came to go back home I was so sad because I was enjoying myself.When I went back home I went to my brothers sons birthday and I saw two bouncy castles,trampoline and BBQ I went into the bouncy castles and the were a lot of fun to play in and when I got into the the trampoline I spent like one whole hour in it I felt really really really exhausted after the birthday party because of all that eating,jumping on the bouncy castles and eating lollies that were in the pinata like that was the best birthday party ever. From Taylor