Monday, 28 May 2012

Spelling T1 W6

I am learning to create a cloze task that includes my spelling words for this week.

Can you fill in the gaps by using the words in the box provided?
  1. I _______ you not to do that
  2. My mum is an ________
  3. A very cool imported retro vintage style handbag, in beige canvas, with very pretty floral _______________.
  4. My dad has a ___________  car.
  5. When you cook chicken a little bit of __________ left.
  6. I made a big ____________ in my writing, reading and maths.
  7. The ____________ I have is enough to pass the test
  8. Can you help me ___________ this.
  9. The ___________ is waiting for you to drive.
  10. Can you book a ____________ plane.
  11. Can you _______ the  sound
  12. Make sure you ___________ your blog before you publish.
  13. I am _________ you.

recording     consider      measure       mute     

knowledge     grease       design     preview    flash                     

private      passenger     embroidery      improvement  

Writing Reflection

This week for writing we are focusing on speech writing.Today in our writing lesson we learnt about speech presentations and the structure of a speech.We also brainstorm different topics for speech writing this week.I have decided to write a speech about chocolate because it has a nice flavor to it, sugar in it and it has something inside that makes the chocolate more nicer. I plan to investigate more about chocolate this week for speech writing.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Movie Story Board

Scene One: Lunch Scene
when vanessa  and bella are eating their lunch

Camera Shot: medium shot

Costume: Mufti

Sound Effects: No sound effects just talking

Lighting Normal lighting

Motion: Medium motion

Actors: Patosina Rebekah


Filming: Taylor

Scene Two: Ugen then comes in to help his sisters out.

Camera Shot: Normal

Costume: Mufti

Sound Effects: Normal sound effects

Lighting: Normal light

Motion: Normal

Actors: Patosina Rebekah Taylor Pate

Director: Kelly

Filming Mrs Aireen
Scene Three:when ugen and pate became friends and  then is walking to the playground

Camera Shot: Long shot


Sound Effects: Music

Lighting: Normal lighting

Motion: Normal Motion

Actors: Pate Taylor

Director: Patosina

Filming Rebekah

Friday, 18 May 2012

Animal Court

Today I read a story about Animal court this story is a play. We are practicing our presentation skills as this will help us prepare for our movie making project next week.

The character I play in the story is Mr Hare he is the complaint Mr hare I think that Mr Hare has long white teeth, grey fur and think he is the man at every thing and he thinks he is the fastest in the world

Wednesday, 9 May 2012