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This is my presentation about ' What Participation Means'.

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Planting Around The World

WALT research information about the roles, rights, and responsibilities people have to maintain sustainable food sources.

Planting/Farming Around the World Group: Taylor, Malia and Chardonnay

What is planting like in Africa?
In Africa people find it really hard to plant fruits and vegetables because most of the time the weather is too hot and dry for crops to grow. Droughts often happen in Africa which is hard for plant sustainability to happen.

Facts about sustainable farming in Africa

In the  dry areas where it hardly rains, where do farmers get their water?
The water is brought into the dry inland farms through the use of irrigation and they can also use the underground water sources.
Compare farming and planting roles and responsibilities within 2 different countries. For example farming and planting in Africa and  New Zealand. Use a Venn diagram on Lucid Charts or use Popplet.

Importing and Exporting
How is food imported and exported around the world.
Some countries send their food on a plane,trucks,ships,boat or in a helicopter.
What foods are imported in New Zealand.
Mango, cassava, coconut milk, coconut it in planes and some export there plant, fruit and vegetables in the boat.
What foods are imported in New Zealand.
  • Mango
  • cassava
  • coconut milk
  • coconut
  • Chocolate
  • cookies
  • Banana

What things are exported to other countries

  • Wool
  • Lamb
  • Apples
  • Milk
  • Medicine

What is the difference between farmers in rich countries and in poor countries?

In New Zealand there is green grass and the kiwi’s have more water and healthy product but in African people don't have that much rain so they can't plant or grow anything except for caktus.If they want to grow something it would die because there is no oxygen to help it breath.Also in Africa there is no Clean  water or rain to help the plant grow bigger and bigger.


What are our roles, rights and responsibilities to maintain sustainable food sources.

  • Planting fruits and vegetables in your garden.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Look after your garden.
  • Make sure you water it  every day but make sure you don't water it too much or it will die.
  • Make sure that here is not too much  for the plant or it will not get the sunlight that it needs.
  • If you have pets or rats that like to  eat the things in your garden you must be careful or you can build a little cage for the plants.


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