Wednesday, 24 September 2014

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Cyber Smarts Reflection

Today I did a cyber smarts quiz. This term I did achieved my cyber smarts goal of keeping aware of our cyber footprint, and the other cyber smart goals that I learnt this term. One thing I found hard was watching a video that included something fake, then figuring out if it was fake or not.

Next term I might try learning how to be cyber aware on cyberspace.

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Fishing Practises

WALT to craft an information report about modern fishing methods.

Tips to guide your Writing:
Bullet point plan:
Your Writing:
Fishing Practices

FIshing practices have evolved over the years. Multiplying and cooporating with the needs of current businesses which have been providing them with many things in return.

Second paragraph:  
Link 2-3 of your facts about the types of fishing methods.  Explain the kinds of methods, give examples of the methods. Explain how they target certain fish.

Third paragraph:  
Link 2-3 of your facts about the problems with modern fishing methods. Explain how these methods can cause problems. Give examples of specific problems caused by a particular method (e.g. longlining).

Fourth paragraph:  
Link 2-3 of your facts about the possible solutions to the problems with modern fishing methods. Explain why these are important. Give examples of how they can help.

End your information report by retelling the modern fishing methods you talked about. Re-iterate why they can be problematic and why they need to be changed.  Give a personal response to the topic.  
  • FIshing practices have evolved over the years
  • The techniques
  • The tools
  • What can be done to fix the problem
  • How does it effect


Title: Fishing Practices


Fishing practices have evolved with time and era. Co-operating with the needs of current businesses which have been providing them with many things in return.

First paragraph:
Dredging is a method used for fishing practises. The dredge is usually constructed from a heavy steel frame in the form of a scoop. The frame is covered  with a chain mesh that is opened on the front side which is towed behind the boat. Dredge nets have a coarse mesh in order to let creatures smaller than the intended target through.This method hold multiple negatives and positives. It captures an abundant amount of scallops and oysters in contrast to this positive it scrapes along the ocean floor. Bringing up silt gives the water a dirty appearance. Sometimes as it scrapes the bottom of the ocean it bumps into coral breaking the homes of fish that live there sometime unintentionally catching the wrong fish.

Second Paragraph
Gillnetting is a common fishing method that has been used and still used for fishermens who do fishing practises.It is a method used by both commercial and artisinal fishermen. The gill nets are mostly used for vertical traps. The gill net seizes fish like sharks, sea turtles and swordfishes. The only problem with gill nets is that it kills the fish while they’re getting dragged by the net. However when using this method it   retrieves multiple fish in go while anchored in that one spot.

Third Paragraph

Longline fishing is a fishing technique we use. Longline can be set to hang near the ocean floor to capture fish such as tuna and swordfish. The issue about longline fishing is that it can damage the ocean floor. This techniques causes multiple issues . Such as the attraction it receives from  albatross flying over. The bait is seen by these creatures prompting them to dive underwater to retrieve the bait causing them to be hooked onto the hooks in comparison to this negative point this technique  does also, like other captures a lot of fish.

Fourth Paragraph
Trawling, another fishing method similar to dredging. On the high sea un-regulated bottom trawlers operating in waters well off the coast, are laying wastes to huge swaths of the ocean floor.  Sea Mountains and hills that rise from the ocean floor but do not come above the ocean surface are being damaged  by industrial fishing practises.Many rare and old even unknown species of creatures and underwater plants and corals are at danger.It was discovered in small sand habitats where the plaice prefer polychaetes trawling does have a small positive effect of trawling. In comparison to this negative scientist have found evidence that trawling can be productive. It can remove competing species underwater fishermen observed this in coastal locations with natural with natural sea bed disturbances.

There are multiple fishing practises or industrial fishing techniques. They each bring a fair amount of negative and positive effects  to the ocean. There are even some people trying to prevent these practises from continuing. What do you think?

Us, The Analysers

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Our Map Design - Graphic Design Technology - Map of Panmure

This is our map we created using ZeeMaps.  We created this map to show tourist from around the world, some design spots around Panmure. The places that are included in this map are the.... Panmure Train Station, Burger King, Panmure Basin, Skate Park, The Landmark Bar, Panmure Wharf, Dunkirk Reserve, The Stone Cottage, The Panmure Library and, Waipuna Lodge.  This map was created by The History Of Panmure Group. This was a presentation created by Taylor, Quitah, Chasity and Chardonnay.