Wednesday, 25 June 2014


These are my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling,I had to put my spelling words into syllables.

sci - en - tist
ob - serve
won - der
in - ven - tor
hy - po - the - sis
con - clu - sion

Skills For Adolescence

Grandpa Sid

Miss Kyla Goes Shopping

Friday, 20 June 2014


These are my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling, I had to put my spelling words into syllables.

ques - tion cur - i - ous ex - pe - ri - ment ex - plain thirds                   ob - serve pro - cess e - volve a - apt height

Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

My Narrative Writing - A Kingdom Come

A Kingdom to come...

I looked up at the stars, and I could have sworn I saw Leopold’s blue, white eyes. Running through the forest looking for my dog Leopold, getting poked and pinched on my smooth, silky face from the rough branches. My sister Zelda, holding on my hand tightly with her soft soothing hands. Her smooth black hair getting tangled into the leaves of autumn. Sweat running through our body and our hearts beating 100 miles per hour. Suddenly, We have gone to far into the forest.... I notice the ground shaking.... “An earthquake,” I thought to myself until I notice a foot Print. A dragon's footprint...This is our story, ‘A Kingdom Come’

In the distance I see something white, something that looks like Leopold, wait a minute it is Leopold. Then I see something else in front of Leopold...... A terrifying, fire breathing, DRAGON! Zelda notices it too “What are we going to do?” Asks Zelda in a dramatic voice, “I don't know but one Thing I know for sure.... We
have to save Leopold!”..... Zelda didn’t think that it wasn’t a good idea at first but she knew that Leopold was our best friend, and he always been there for us so its now time for us to be there for him. We start running.  The Dragon seems to be protecting Leopold and what seems like to be a lock with a door. “Leopold!” I yell out with a frantic expression. Me and Zelda are standing face to face with the fire breathing dragon. The dragon has orange and red spiky fangs going from It’s back to it’s tail. It’s scaly, rough grey skin is covered in blood. The dragon Falls to the ground.... Zelda goes up to it but she doesn't go very close to it. Then the dragon says “Come Closer,” With a crack in its voice. Zelda moves closer to the dragon and the dragon says...”Take this egg and wait here till sunrise and say... Hatch little egg, Make me a bread and you will have an end.” About 1 hour and a bit later the horizon is so beautiful peaking out of the southern hemisphere. Without a doubt I hold the egg and say “Hatch little egg, make me some bread and there will be an end,”

After a few seconds there is a crack in the egg. It seems to me like it a golden key. I take the key out and hand it over to the dragon. The dragon takes it gently with its claws and says to me and Zelda “ This is the key to the lock which unlocks the key to the kingdom...... use that key and unlock the kingdom and try and protect it with all your heart... Please, goblins and villains will try to steal it  and take over the kingdom.. Please”
Ok!” Says Zelda strongly. Before I could talk to the dragon it takes it last breath and sadly passed away. I take the key out of the dragons hand and unlock the lock, Leopold and Zelda followed. We unlocked the door and it was heaven. Gold, Silver, Candy, Clothes and chocolate was covering the whole kingdom. We walked in, and the door shuts behind us. “Looks like we are the ruler of this Kingdom now Felix,” Says Zelda to me. “I guess so Zelda,” I say.


Number Knowledge

Friday, 13 June 2014


des - cribe
o - ccur
e - vi - dence
just i fy
com - pare
know - ledge
ex a mine
e - val - u - ate

Homework Term 2 Week 6

Make a Rhythem, Rap or Song With your Spelling words

“Remember...”, in the tune of “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire

The Singers: Jennifer and Willy; Backup Singers/Background Beats: Chasity and Taylor |

(Back up singers begin song)

Do you remember,
How to examine a picture?
Describe how we pestered
About that day that would occur...

E-val-u-ate (evaluate) -->(Taylor and Chasity)
On the objects that were heavy by weight (by weight)-->(Taylor and Chasity)
You wouldn’t justify its way,(it’s way)
How everything changed that day...

Hey, hey, hey, (Taylor)

(Taylor and Chasity: Underlined bits)
Ba de ah! You still have the knowledge!
Ba de ah! On that day you went to college!
Ba de ah! That day was really the best...

(Taylor and Chasity)     (Jen and Willy)
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, compared your evidence,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, estimating the item’s lengths,
Ba-do-do, ba-do-do, it was the sunniest day!

Sharing my work with you.
Our answers could never be so true,
But still, we weren’t so blue,
How we were all still hap-pay...

(Chasity and Taylor)
duh, duh, duh (back-up)

(WIlly and Jen)
If you remember,
How the work was better together!
Being partners and such,
The partnership we share today...

Hey, hey, hey,

(Taylor and Chasity: The underlined bits)
Ba de ah - You should have the knowledge,
Ba de ah - Before you go to college,
Ba de ah - Everyone was on the edge...

(Taylor and Chasity)
We were like...

Ba de ah - Do you still remember?
Ba de ah - Dancing on that September...
Ba de ah - Never was a cloudy day!

ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya
ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya
ba-de-ya.. de-ya-de-ya...

Friday, 6 June 2014

The Waterfall Effect and Optical illusions - Facts

This is me and Taylors wideo, that we created for the Science Van Show. Click the link above to view our wideo..