Monday, 24 June 2013

Waste Management Plan

This is my popplet about our waste management plan. We are thinking
about solutions about how to manage our rubbish more better.

The Glass Bottle

This is my presentation about my project I did with my buddy the whole of last week

Name 14 things a Newspaper cannot be used for

  1. You cannot use it for toilet paper.
  2. You can not use it for sitting on.
  3. You can't build a key with it too make a door unlock.
  4. You cannot live in it.
  5. You can't feed it too your caterpillar or it will die.
  6. you cannot eat it.
  7. You cannot use it for an umbrella.
  8. You cannot use it for your clothes.
  9. You can't have it as a pet.
  10. You cannot use it for chewing on.
  11. You cannot use it for brushing your teeth.
  12. You cannot use it for a shower curtain.
  13. You cannot use it for a cloth.
  14. You cannot use it for drying your face.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Wednesday Grammar Punctuation worksheet

Writing worksheet: Re write the following sentence, add in the correct grammar, punctuation, full stops and capital letters:

For inquiry this term our class Is learning about state of matter. I have found out many things about the density, liquids, gases, solids and how matter of particular substances change when the temperature is changed.
An example of this would be water, when frozen water becomes a solid because it turns into ice. When at room temperature water is a liquid when its’ heated water becomes gas as it is steam.Another example would be chocolate. From learning about states of matter I know that different materials have different densities. However not everyone knows what density means. Density is how tightly or closely the particles of a material are. I know that from our particle layer party experiment, that honey and golden syrup are denser than water and methylated spirit.

I like learning about matter because it’s really interesting and helps me better understand the way things work?

Word Webs

This is my popplet about word webs. The word for the week was moody.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Maths Homework Questions

  1. Cameron has 54 marbles . A third of them are blue. How many of the marbles are not blue? Thirteen and one half  because fifty four divided by four equals thirteen and a half.

  1. There are forty students in the class. Three fifths of students are boys. How many girls are in our classroom? 2 fifths of girls are in the classroom. That equals up to 15 girls in the classroom so there are 25 boys in the classroom.

  1. Joseph has sixty four hammers in his tool box. one eighth of them are broken. How many of them are not broken? eight because I divided eight into eight boxes.

  1. Miss Grocia has fourteen plants. Half of them have flowers. How many of them are no flowers? 7 of them because half of 14 is 7.
  2. There are 27 notes  on the desk. A third of the notes are for Mr.Martin. How many notes of those are not for Mr.Martin? 4  1/2 because  4 and a half + 4 and a half = 13 and plus another two 4 and a 1/2 = 27.

  1. Nathan has twelve hammers in his tool box. Three fourths of them are broken. How many of them are not broken? Four because twelve divided by three equals four.

  1. Benjamin  has seventy marbles. Two sevenths of them are blue. How many of the marbles are blue? 14 because two sevenths is fourteen.

  1. Kevin watched 30 planes land. five sixths of them were from skyway airlines. How many planes were not from skyway airlines? 5 of them because five times five equals twenty five.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Fast Finishers

Imagine you are going to interview Koro or Mr Fepuliai. Think about 13 questions that you would like to ask them.
  1. What is your job like?
  2. Do you like you job of being a care taker at our school?
  3. How many tons of rubbish a year do you think our school make?
  4. Do we recycle alot?
  5. What is the latest yo have stayed at school to pick up our rubbish?
  6. Do you ever get tired of your job?
  7. Would you quit your job for something alot more exciting?
  8. Do you sometimes go over time just to keep our school clean and green?
  9. Why are you interested in this type of work?
  10. What experience have you had with cleaning and care taking?
  11. Why do you want to work at Tamaki Primary School?
  12. What is your weakness for Caretaker?
  13. Do you sometimes feel lazy to come to work?

Reading Log

When you have finished reading each day, complete your reading log.  

Title of text
(include link if online)
Pages Read
Personal Response
Millionaire kid
So  far I have read about a kid named Joe who had everything he wanted except a friend. Ihe hd went to a rich school that cost $200.00 a term but he didn't make any friends so he told his dad that he wanted to go to a normal school .liked these chapters today because it made me imagine that I was rich too . I  think that he will meet a new friend in the next few chapters.

Millionaire Kid
Today I read about a boy called Joe who has went to a new school and he has met a new friend called Bob. He met Bob at P.E training and he didn't tell Bob that he was rich and that is the page  am upto now.

For this part of my homework I had to read 25 pages a day and reflect of what I have read. I will update my reading log every week.

Maths Homework

Monday for maths we had to go on to maths whizz
for 15 minutes.  

Persuasive Writing Homework T2W6

Why should we should have free time in learning time:

Do you think your class deserve’s free time?

Yes I do think we should have free time but only if we have done enough work and have been on our best behaviour.

All I am trying to say is that we do too much work people might not bother the teacher in asking if they can have free time.

Therefore if you let us have free time once in a awhile school work will ever get boring and our minds won’t always be on games.

I really think that we should have free time once and awhile besides from Golden Time On Friday.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Maths Homework

This is my presentation about my maths homework this week. I decided to do
both of my maths tasks on Tuesday.

Should We Have Free Time In Learning Time

Why should we should have free time in learning time:

Do you think your class deserve’s free time?
Yes I do think we should have free time but only if we deserve it.

All I am trying to say is that if we do too much work people might be not bothered and they will just play games without permission.

Therefore if you let us have free time once and awhile school work will never ever get boring in our mind’s.

I really think that we should have free time once and awhile besides from Golden Time On Friday.

Weekly Usage

This is how many usage I have done one maths whizz for home
work this week.I had to be on for 15 minuites on  Monday and 15 
minuites on Wednesday. All together it wil sum up to a total of 30.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Spelling Practise (Homework T2W5)

This is my presentation about my spelling practise. I did this for my homework

Current Hats Current Event (Home Work T2W5

This is my presentation about the ghost ship in Ireland. I did this for home work

PMIS Chart

Rubbish in our School
WALT use a PMIS chart to identify the positives, negatives, interesting of rubbish in the class/school and come up with solutions to the negative ideas identified.

Haina and Jennifer

We tried our best to pick up all the rubbish but still we made our school beautiful and we helped our school to make it lovely the way it was before .
The minus is that  their was lots of rubbish and people just don’t know how to clean after themselves.
It was a great experience because now we know that other people doesn’t want to put their rubbish in the bin and What kind of food or scraps they leave around.
We should control our self not to litter because if we don’t control our self the school will look disgusting and put all the rubbish in the right place .
Edwina,Hine &

There was not much rubbish in our school.
Our Minus was that people in our school is to lazy to throw their rubbish on the ground.
Most of the rubbish we found was where the older kids play, but not were the Juniors play.
Our solution is that we should learn how to  put our own  rubbish  in the trash bin, and people should not be lazy to put it away.

Kini and
The good thing about going outside and find rubbish was there  was not heaps and heaps of rubbish there was only a bit of rubbish
We are still loitering in and out of school. There are still lots of people recycling plastic bags and people are still obeying the rules on recycling.
interesting find about  picking up rubbish that there was not that much  but  when we look  at it,  it looks  big.
To stop people  littering  in our world  we should put up posters that say please don’t litter try and help the world and the community.
Joan and Fili

As we were picking up rubbish we didn’t find lots of rubbish.

The plus thing about that was that we didn’t pick up a lot of rubbish

The minus is that there's too much rubbish and we should make it lesser.The minus is that people can’t be bothered to chuck their own rubbish in the trash bin.
The interesting bit was that finding how much rubbish we found inside our school grounds.
We found things want should be recycled and some things that go into the trash bin.
We need more recycling bins.People need to learn to stop littering

Aaron and Tionee

There were hardly any rubbish found in some areas.

We tried our best picking the rubbish up to make our school look nice.
There were no recyclable rubbish.

Trash bins were far from the area rubbish were seth.
The interesting thing about picking up rubbish was that they was not much rubbish  where the juniors play.
Stop littering because its really bad to our environment.
Bella & Taylor

We didn’t have much rubbish in our school grounds like we usually do.h
Some people are lazy and just threw their rubbish on the ground
We found lots of materials that can cannot not be recycled.
Our solution is that we should put rubbish bins out on the field, playground and on the top court

Jessica and marsel.

There were rubbish around our school We didn’t see much rubbish.

There were lots of rubbish on the field and so people are lazy to walk to the rubbish bin

We found      
lots of rubbish around the school.

Put rubbish bins on the top corts & on the field where all the little kids play

romeo and sione Lesieli

Learn to pick up the the rubbish and there is not that much.
No one recycles because they are not acting like a role model.
Every seniors drop more than the little kids and little kids are like role model
We  counted the amount of rubbish  that we picked up off the ground.

Ara and Darwin

We found less rubbish than expected.
Some rubbish can be recycled (e.g Paper)
We have compost monitors.
We have a worm farm to food scraps.
Rubbish bins are far away.
More rubbish everyday.
Nobody picking up rubbish.
Students dropping their rubbish everywhere.

Less rubbish was found where the juniors go.

The interesting part is that theres more rubbish in the area where the seniors play.
Rubbish bin in the court.
Put seats in the court. b
Malia and Alison
The pluses are that their was not many rubbish to pick up and the field.
The minus was people always leave their rubbish on the ground and they’re too lazy to take it to the rubbish bin.
The interesting part was that we found different kind of food wraps that wasn’t and put them in order.
Our solution was after we were picking up rubbish put the non recyclable
wraps in one  and recycle wraps in one  too.We learn to try to always put your rubbish in the rubbish bin.

Jayden and Sake are struggling
We do sometimes pick up rubbish. And we also are one of the most cleanest countrys.
Rubbish bins are too far away (From the court and the field)
People usually always don’t pick up their rubbish.
Most of the people that litter are seniors.
The little kids stay near the bins, therefore causing them not to litter and they do pick up their rubbish.
People can recycle and we can have a rubbish and recycling bin so we can choose where to put our rubbish.

Mei and Kylie
are struggling
That there was not that much waste. There was also not that much rubbish.
The minus is that there is so many rubbish on our school grounds and that gives our school a bad look and reputation.
The thing that was interesting  thing was that we found a lot of reusable things and a lot of  fruit cores on the ground.
I believe that some reasons for people to litter is because the bin is too far, 
so to solve this it’ll be good if there were bins near places where the children play.