Monday, 31 March 2014

Friday, 28 March 2014

Whanau Conference

Name 14 Things A Helmet Cannot Be Used For


Complete an A-Z listing of all the key topic vocabulary to do with ANZAC.

L:Little Willie
N:New Zealand


Monday, 24 March 2014

Addition Triangle

For fast finishers this week, I had to see what was not on my tumble so I chose Addition Triangle.

Think Board

Friday, 21 March 2014

North Head

Tamaki Primary Students takeroom 8 @ northhead.png
Written by: Jennifer & Chasity & Taylor
Photography by: Kyla Hansell
Tamaki primary students boat across the Waitemata Harbour as they go on a trip to North Head.

On Wednesday 12th of March 2014 Room’s 1,4,6,8,9 travelled by bus and ferry across the Waitemata Harbour to Devonport on a trip to North Head. Still remaining at Devonport Park their teacher Ms. Kyla Hansell Instructed her students to line up, so they are ready for the long walk.

As they exit the park onto the local streets, Taylor a student from her class say’s “It’s pretty Tiring walking up this mountain, but then again it’s worth it because we’ll be able to have a long rest once we’re up there.” Jennifer replied “Its a great exercise  it might be the first and last exercise I am going to have for the week.”

Students surround the cannon looking at information and also the historical sights. As themselves teachers direct students to pack up their lunches and to be ready for another Huge walk. Climbing up hills and walking down stairs a couple of Year 8 students carry younger students on their back, as they get tired. People from the community walk into night-like tunnels heading into others as they get towards the end.

Some students that attended the trip said that they wanted to go through the other tunnels but they weren’t allowed as the tunnels were noted “Blocked off!..”.photo 3 (2).JPG

As you can see in this photograph, teachers had told the children to surround the cannon as they were going to take a photo of them. Teachers called out “3,2,1 TAMAKI!..” They shouted and cheered while posing.

As time passed by everyone carried on towards the entrance of North head, they then parted into their individual classes and headed towards the ferry drop off. Room 1,4,6,9 and some of room 7 headed on the ferry, ready for the big ride, room 8 had to wait until the next ferry came, which was understandable.

As they waited room 8 students said “We had a great time and we learnt so much! It was an amazing experience!”
A ferry was near by, the security man said that room 8 could aboard the boat. Room 8 students boarded the boat along with miss Kyla. The engine started, they knew they were off across the Waitemata Harbour.




This is one of my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling I had to play hangman with a buddy and my buddy was Chasity.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Reading Log - A Handful Of Blue - Chapter 6 summary

When Jeremy and his family came back home from his uncles house, Jeremy and His sister was sent off to bed. In the morning when Eddie came over, he was yelling that there were 53 whales on the beach. Tessa and Jeremy were eating breakfast and wanted to go straight away. Tessa and Eddie went running out but Jeremy didn't because he thought he was still grounded. His mum said he could go which made him really him really happy. When they got down to the beach Tessa went to sit by one of the baby whales. A guy came to tell off some people who were riding their motorcycles on the beach. He was counting all the whales and Eddie said that there were 53 whales but the man said that he had to double check. The gentleman said that there was a meeting in 15 minutes if you want to help out the whales. As Jeremy and Eddie walked through the sand they could see Tessa is really sad about something.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Current Events

Alphabetical Order

These re my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling Ihad to put my spelling words in order.




These are my selling words for the week. For this part of my spelling I had to see how many syllables were in my spelling words

ques - tion
in - ves - ti - gate
se - lect
re - ject
cat - e - go - ry
or - der
a - chieve
de - vel - op
con - ference

Monday, 17 March 2014

Rule Machine

For maths today while we wait for teacher  We had to carry on with a game called Rule Machine 

Friday, 14 March 2014

What's Hiding In My Spelling Words?

These are my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling I had to see what words were hiding in my spelling words.

North Head - north, head, the, a, and, or
Reserve - serve, verse,
Historic - his, is, this,
Maungauika - man, a, ika,
Waitemata - mate, time, a, it,
Harbour - our, a, or,
Pattern - a, at, pat
Sequence - see
Author - thor, or, thou,
Purpose - pose, pur, rose,

Our Trip To North Head

Today, Room 8 bused into the city, caught a ferry AND walked to North Head to see the Historic Reserve as part of our studies on ANZAC.  It was an amazing day and we saw so many interesting things.  For some students, it was their first time on a ferry!  We look forward to applying our learning from our trip into our classroom learning for the rest of this term.  Thank you to the parents who helped us get there and back safely!

KWL Chart About North Head

This week we have been working on Anzac. On Wednesday, we had a trip to North Head 
and it was such an amazing experience. This is a KWL chart about our trip to North Head.

Fast Finishers - Addition Triangle

This week for maths I have finished all of my maths work and carried on with fast finishers. 

Weigh The Wang Doddles

This is the math game we played today. This game really tests you algebra because you have to try and figure out what does it equal to all tree of them.


This is my google drawing the BEDMAS.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Cyber Smarts


These are my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling I had to put my spelling words into syllables.

Au - thor
Har - bour
His - tor - ic
Maun - ga - u - i - ka
North - Head
Pa - ttern
Pur - pose
Re - serve
Se - quence
Wai - te - ma - ta

Multiplication Wheels

This is my presentation about multiplication wheels. This week for maths we are practising our algebra and multiplication.

Monday, 10 March 2014


This is one of my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling I had to play hangman with a buddy and my buddy was named Brooklyn.

Alphabetical Order

These are my spelling words for the week. For this part of my spelling I had to put my spelling words in alphabetical order.

North Head

Current Events

This is my google presentation about my current events for the week.  The tittle for the article I read this week is called ' Snake Bite? Get me a beer'. Read my presentation to find out more information about this article.

Think Board

This is my google drawing about my think board for the week. This week the 
problem we got was 12 x 9. 

Friday, 7 March 2014

Current Events

This is my presentation about what is happening around the world recently.

Welcome Mr Wong

This is a really special presentation dedicated to Mr Wong. Mr Wong will be teaching in room 8 for the rest of the year!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

7 Word Classes

This is my presentation about the 7 word classes. Do you know what they are?