Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Hungry Willy


 WALT:write a narrative story based on our plan.

One bright Saturday morning there lived a boy named  Willy. He has long black hair and brown sparkling eyes. He is tall as a giraffe and is really hairy like  King Kong. He has  humungeous ears like an elephant. He likes to drink tea and is really lazy because all he does all day is sit on his comfortable chair, watch TV and sleep all day long. Sometimes he goes shopping. When there is no one in the house to buy food for him ,he just hops in his car and away he goes.

One day he was so hungry, he was complaining,”IIII aaaammmm ssssoooo hhhhuuuunnnnggggrrrryyyy!!!!! “.So he hopped in his car and he drove to the supermarket to buy things for his tasty sandwich like bread, tomato, lettuce  and pepper. He bought the ingredients for his delicious sandwich. Willy only bought a little  bit of food because he had most of it at home.

When he got home he was excited to make his sandwich  so he washed all the ingredients except for the bread. He then chopped up the tomatoes and the lettuce. He cooked the eggs, chopped the lettuce and the cucumber. When the eggs were were  finally cooked he peeled the shell off and he started to put the ingredients on the bread. He remembered the most important ingredient ,“Mayonnaise”,he shouted. He had forgotten the most important thing!!  So he hopped back in his car and he raced off. He looked at his gas and it was running low so he  went to fill it up at the petrol station. Willy was just in time because his car had just about run out of gas. So he put $50 in his car and off he went. When he got to the shop they just ran out of mayonnaise, so he went to another dairy down the road and luckily they had some!

When  he came home  his mum was already in bed and he was to tired to make his sandwich.So he put part of the sandwich he had done in the fridge and he put the mayonnaise in the fridge as well. Willy was so tired he went straight to sleep.

The next morning he woke up and he forgot all about his sandwich.He ate breakfast and    he went back to bed.
When it was lunch time his mum woke him up and reminded him about his sandwich that was sitting in the fridge.“Thanks for reminding me Mum”. He jumped out of bed and ran to the fridge . He took it out and put it on the bench ready for the best ingredient...mayonnaise. He spreed the mayonnaise on the bread and cut it in half. He picked up the best sandwich in the world, an scoffed it all up. DELICIOUS!!!!!


Thursday, 1 March 2012

All About Me

Hi, My name is Taylor . I am 9 years old and I was born on January 22nd 2002. I was born in NZ. I have short black hair. My skin colour is light brown with soft skin. I have brown eyes that sparkle like diamond. and im han

I have three amazing brothers and two beautiful sisters. I live with my brothers, sisters, parents, nephew and my lovely grandparents.We also have two dogs named Shadow and Woody. I like my family because they give me money and they look after me.

I am half  Fijian and  half  Pakeha. I love my two cultures because it represents who I am. The things that I think that represent me is food, coconut trees and fish. I am proud to be a Fijian and Pakeha.

I like to play around, I like to watch tv, I like to play on my PSP and my XBOX 360. The best thing I like to do is to go around the Panmure Basin on my bike with my brother Justin.

My best friends are Simon and Apiseka .We have been friends for nearly 3 years now. We all met on February 22nd 2010. We always play together at break times at school.

My school goal is to work on my Writing and Reading. My goal for when I leave school, is to be a Policeman because I want to help people and solve crimes.