Thursday, 28 June 2012

My speech Writing

Why Kids Should Be Aloud To Bring Chocolate To School?

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate who doesn't love chocolate?.Do you think children should be allowed to bring chocolate to school? well here are my three reasons why you should bring chocolate to school, and the things I will be mostly talking about today  is how does chocolate taste, how chocolate is a source of energy in it and my last point is why chocolate should be allowed at school?

My first reason is that it's really tasty. My favourite chocolate is a kit kat.I like kit kats because they are sweet and crunchy.Kit kats have  crunchy things inside IT that makes the chocolate come to life, by that I mean that it makes the chocolate more nicer

My second reasons is that  chocolate has sugar in it, it will give you a good source of energy if you are feeling lazy or tired.

My last reason is that Teachers having chocolate in class is a good thing. Teachers can bribe their students to do work faster, get on the mat quicker and generally get the kids to do whatever they want them too.As we all know, kids will do anything for chocolate!!!

IF CHOCOLATE IS ALLOWED TO BE ORDERED IN SCHOOL FOR LUNCH THEN children  SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO BUY  BIG BLOCKS OF CHOCOLATE AND BRING IT TO SCHOOL.Some times on easter I bring  chocolate to school because my mum puts it in my bag and I sometimes eat it in the morning or afternoon secretly, and sometimes i feel bad about it.If we are aloud to bring chocolate to school than we wont feel bad.Now who agrees with me?If you don't agree with me then I think you don't even like chocolate at all.That is all i will have to say to you today.

Questions To Ask Directors

  1. What was the first movie you made?
  2. How did you become a actor?
  3. Who inspired you to become a actor?
  4. What school did you go to when you  were younger?
  5. What do you like to do in your own time?
  6. Do you have a wife and kid?
  7. What culture do you come from?
  8. Where did you grow up?
  9. Who brought you up when you were younger?
  10. When were you born?

Bee Movie

Monday, 25 June 2012

My Speech Evaluation

How did you feel about presenting your speech to the class?A little bit shy and a little bit confident.

What was the hardest part about preparing a speech?Getting everything ready and finished.

What did you enjoy most about speeches? Presenting it to the class.

How could you improve your speech making next time?Talk a little bit slower, Use hand gestures and make more eye contact.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Grand High Witch

Use what you have heard and seen to write a fantastic character description about the Grand High Witch!

Use this template to help you.
Hints and tips for your writing...
Your writing...
What does the Grand High Witch look like?
  • Use similes
  • Use powerful words
    • Capital letters
    • Full Stops

What does the Grand High Witch sound like?
  • Use similes
  • Use powerful words
    • Capital letters
    • Full Stops
What does the Grand High Witch move like?
  • Use similes
  • Use powerful words
    • Capital letters
    • Full Stops

What does the Grand High Witch say?

What does the Grand High Witch never want you to forget?
.When the Grand High Witch puts on her wig she looks like the prettiest woman on the earth but when she takes it off she is the ugliest woman on the earth and she has scabs on her head, a long nose like pinocchio and has no hair at all only a little sticking out of her skull.

The Grand High Witch moves like a big sloppy person its like she doesn't have any bones at all oh and her fingers are so disgusting if I was a witch I wouldn't want to have no toes, no fingers and have a  bold hair. I mean which woman wants to have bold hair well I know witches do but I'm talking about normal woman would like to have a bold hair?The Grand High Witch always say “how dare you make an argument with me!”And the Grand High Witch will never want you to forget if you are a witch never take your gloves off in public,never take your shoes off in public and never take you wigs off in public.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Emeralds Weekly Group Review

Simple Sentences

  1. The rabbit said “I can run really fast!”
  2. “What time is it?” asked the girl.
  3. The old lady asked “Would you like some  sweets?”
  4. Grandad said “My car is red.”
  5. “I made you a cake,”said nanny.
  6. “My name is Yusuf!”said the boy.

  1. “I want to go home !” shouted Martha.
  2. “Is that a clown ?” asked Stephen.
  3. “That’s a good picture,”said his friend .

can I have one
4.”I think that is funny!” lahed Freda.

5.”I’m scared !” screamed John.

6.”Ouch!” yelled the man.

7.”Thank you they,”said to the lady.

8.”Good bye!”he said as he walked down the street.

The Terrifying Shark Attack

One Day there lived a little funny boy called Jack and a little jealous girl called Aireen. Jack had short black hair, brown sparkly brown eyes, tanned skin and a good personality. Aireen on the other hand has long ugly hair, dark black eyes and has a habit of being jealous of other people. Aireen and Jack loved to go fishing where the sharks were, as this was an area in the ocean where people could fish for humungous, delicious fish.
One day Aireen was  jealous of Jack because he was making more friends then her. She started to feel angry. Then Aireen saw the boat and had an idea. Aireen asked Jack if they could go fishing and then Jacks said, “Of course, lets go!”. So Jack said good bye to his friends, got what they needed  for fishing and off they went.
When Jack and Aireen got there, Aireen pushed Jack into the sea. Jack was surprised but Aireen said it was on accident and Jack believed her. Then at that moment his leg started bleeding in the sea as he had scraped it on a sharp rock when he fell in. As soon as his leg started bleeding, a great white shark who was swimming nearby, picked up the scent of Jacks blood. The shark started to swim in the direction of the blood. The shark never gave up on finding Jack because he hadn’t eaten for nearly two months. When the shark saw Jack, and Jack saw the shark, Jack started to swim faster and faster.When Jack got closer to the boat he yelled at Aireen to grab his hand, but Aireen said “No, I have always jealous of you and I have had enough!” “But what do you mean?”, yelled Jack, terrified of what was going to happen. “ I mean you always make good friends and  you are better than me in everything. I just want more friends that all and to be famous like you in school”.
“I can help you make friends you know, being jealous is not the way to go. I never knew that you were jealous of me”  Aireen thought about it for a while and said, “Well you're right, being  jealous is not the way” .So then Jack said “Are we best friends again?”.
“Yeah I guess so, we are friends again!”
“Ok now GRAB MY HAND before this huge shark bites my legs off”!!! Aireen grabbed his hand and then said sorry to him.
Aireen and Jack became the best of friends. Aireen learnt not to be jealous of anyone. Talk about it first, before it becomes a problem.            

Rock Star Presentation